Igor from Belarus wrote on 02/26/2012
Ellen! I wish happy birthday! I wish good luck, happiness and the big love! That would not happen, remain always by itself, the same class girl as you are!

Music Anesec from San Diego / United States wrote on 02/25/2012
just wanted to say hi and happy birthday. maybe someday soon we could hook up in the acting community of hollywood and chat. liked you in x men giggity giggity . be cool ellen .

Alex from Jena / Germany wrote on 02/25/2012
Hi Ellen
I wish you all the best for your 25th Birthday!
Have a great day.

Love, Alex

Max from Kiev / Ukraine wrote on 02/23/2012
Happy Birthday, Ellen!

Olga from small town :)) / Russia wrote on 02/23/2012
Happy birthday Ellen! Wish to implement features, harmony, love and fulfillment of desires! twitpic.com/8midqm

Allan Hudson from Moncton, New Brunswick / Canada wrote on 02/22/2012
I'm an older fan but love your work, all of us here in Atlantic Canada are so proud of you. Much success and happy days.

Renfei from Washington, DC / United States wrote on 02/22/2012
Happy Birthday Ellen and I hope this year will be your best year yet!

Sally from Somerset / United Kingdom wrote on 02/22/2012
Dear Ellen,
A couple of years ago i actually wrote you a Birthday card but didn't send it, I made it myself and everything. (Sorry by the way i know this is a little late) But hopefully you'll read this so it'll all be okay now!
You are such an inspiration to me, Have an amazing birthday.
Lots of love babe!
Sally xxxxxxxxxx

Farris Denning from California / United States wrote on 02/22/2012
Happy birthday Ellen!

I must confess that while I'm not a fan of your movies, I am fan of you, the woman, the activist, the kind, caring, charming, and funny lady that you have chosen to become. You resonate so strongly within so many people, myself included. Being an aspiring writer, I admit that I have thought about you while creating my female characters. The truth is you motivate me to write, and it's my goal one day for you to read my work, if you'd be so inclined.

Best wishes to you and I hope you liked my crappy drawing!

Emanuella from Bel / Brazil wrote on 02/22/2012
I'm a huge fan of yours, and I think you are so talented and great in everything you do.
I wish you all the best,dear. ;)

Elisa from Cottbus / Germany wrote on 02/22/2012
Happy Birthday, Ellen :D

Wish you all the best! I hope you have fun today and that all the people who loves you think of you

Dan from Florida / United States wrote on 02/22/2012
Ellen...hope you are having a wonderful 25th birthday! Many more to come. And, of course, thanks for all of your films, TV, cartoons, etc...you are awesome

RWF from TORONTO / Canada wrote on 02/22/2012
Happy 25th Ellen - can't wait for another quarter century of starring roles.

Ingrid from Paris / France wrote on 02/21/2012
Happy Birthday dear Ellen!

Thomas Willett from Long Beach, CA / United States wrote on 02/21/2012
I would like to wish Ellen Page the happiest of birthdays. From the time I first saw her in Juno, I have been enamored with her talent. She has only proven it more and more with the many projects she's taken on. I love her and wish to share my love with her. Have a great day and I look forward to the many projects you will do in the future. I'll be there to enjoy them and support you no matter what.

Ricardi Ernesto Maga from San Salvador / El Salvador wrote on 02/21/2012
Happy Birthday, Ellen

Vincent from Quebec / Canada wrote on 02/21/2012
Happy Birthday Ellen Page.The most wonderful and talented actress in the world and one the best person on this planet.

Edgardo from Buenos Aires / Argentina wrote on 02/21/2012
Hello Ellen,

I Hope you have a very happy birthday. I send you a big kiss from Argentina.

Max from England / United Kingdom wrote on 02/21/2012
Happy Birthday Ellen! Thanks for being so amazing, inspiring and down to earth. Just the thought of you is enough to cheer me up whenever i'm down. I hope you've had an awesome day, and look forward to seeing Nero Fiddled/The East amongst other projects in the near future.

Anastasia from Munich / Germany wrote on 02/21/2012
Dear Ellen, Happy Birthday!! I wish you the best! You are a very talented actress and a great person!
I hope you celebrate well!
From Germany with love!

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